Handmade Bag tutorial


Follow your passion and create your own unique handmade handbags. Making a handmade bag is art! A beautiful way to express your inspiration and creativity and explore your potential. The handbag is a unique accessory that complements every woman’s appearance. Quality and aesthetics are hidden behind the details, such as the right yarn, style and finishes. The book you hold in your hands
is a valuable guide with important information and practical advice that will introduce you to the techniques of the knitted bag and the bag that uses the plastic canvas as its basic material. Inside its pages you will find the relevant abbreviations, symbols and illustrations, original ideas and designs with rich photographic material and detailed descriptions to help you reach the end result.
Be inspired by our recommendations and create your own unique and special handmade bag.

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Publication Date:2018
Print Length: 112 pages
Language: English

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